Discovering American History Reading Bundle


Discovering American History Read Aloud BUNDLE for the Catholic Classical Family includes the following (in different files for easy access):

  • Pre-Exploration to 1790 Read Aloud which incorporates all subjects with guided questions for group discussions.
  • FREE in this bundle is the Catholic Heroes Short Stories Series for Upper level studies with notebooking pages for each Catholic Explorer or Missionary.

Please Note: the read aloud and short stories do not have to be printed, just use your tablet or computer.


Why Use This Read Aloud?
This read aloud takes the whole family on an exciting journey of classical learning, creating a rich, vivid experience as you delve deeply together into buried or forgotten history and discover the lost jewels of Catholic American heroes long neglected by modern historians.
This read aloud also integrates history with other subjects (such as Science, Geography, Language Arts and Fine Arts), incorporating their inter-relatedness in order to simplify learning while giving a Catholic perspective and a well-rounded classical education for the entire family.

This read aloud is broken into six sections (300+ pages):

  1. Pre-Exploration to 1540
  2. 1541 to 1590
  3. 1591 to 1680
  4. 1681 to 1769
  5. 1770 to 1777
  6. 1778 to 1790

Included FREE in this bundle is also Short Stories of Catholic Heroes with Notebookjng pages for the children Upper level (200 pages).

Short stories included are:

Section I: PreAmerican/Exploration Period (Before 1630)

-Christopher Columbus

-Juan de la Cosa

– Alonzo de Ojeda

– Americus Vespucius

– Bartholomew Columbus

– Vincent Yanez Pinzon

– Vasco Nunez de Balboa

– Juan Ponce de Leon

– Fernando Magellan

– Juan Sebastian Elcano

– Juan da Verrazano

– Santiago (James) Mendez

– Hernando Cortes

–  Francis Pizarro

– Hernando de Soto

–  Father Luis Cancer

– Jaques Cartier

– John and Sebastian Cabot

– Father Pedro (Peter) Martinez, S. J.

– Father Bartholomeo (Bartholomew) de las Casas, O. S. D.

– Pedro Menendez

–  Father Pedro de Corpa

Section II: Colonial Period (1630-1763)

– Sir George Calvert

– Joseph le Caron,  O. S. F.

– Samuel de Champlain

–  Isaac Jogues, S. J.

– Leonard Calvert

–  Father Anthony Daniel, S.J.

– John de Brebeuf, S. J.

– Father Andrew White, S. J.

– Adam Daulac (Dollard)

– James Marquette, S. J.

–  Robert Cavalier de La Salle

– Venerable Mary Guyard

– Jane Mance

– Paul C. de Maisonneuve

– Venerable Margaret Bourgeois

– Francis Xavier de Laval, D. D.

– Thomas Dongan

– Sebastian Rale, S. J.

Section III: Revolutionary America Period (1763-1783)

– Casimir Pulaski


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